Siphwe improved health

Siphwe Zulu is a 6 year old girl who lives in the community of Susu in Zambia, where she attends the local community school at the preschool level.

Siphwe is a double orphan. She was living in Lusaka when both her parents passed away at which point she was uprooted and moved to Susu to live with her elderly grandmother. Her grandmother receives no pension.  Their only income is a small amount of money that comes from their garden. Her grandmother sells what little they grow, for a very small profit.

Siphwe sleeps on the floor at home with one blanket.  She receives very little food at home.

Being snatched away from her home in Lusaka has been traumatic for her.  Now living with her grandmother she doesn’t receive the same love and affection she used to get when her parents were alive.

Siphwe is now visited by a Care Worker (Christopher) who is part of the Hands at Work Home Based Care program in Susu.  Christopher has been a constant face and encouragement for
Siphwe; someone to love and support her.  She continues to attend the community school and receives a meal a day at school. 

Also, as a result of the work that Hopes and Dreams Inc. is doing in Zambia, Shipwe no longer needs to travel long distances to collect water from a river where the water is infected with
disease.  Shipwe for the first time can get access to clean, safe water from the new borehole and have improved health. 

This is just one of the stories of a precious life that has been transformed and who now can hope and dream for a better future.