Now Blessed With a Better Life

My Name is Subadhra and I have a family with 5 members. I have had many ups andNow-Blessed-With-a-Better-Life downs through my life. My husband works hard but he is addicted to alcohol. Most of his money goes towards his drinking addiction. My children and I live miserable lives. We do not have enough food, clothing or a house. There are times when all we eat is one meal a day. I have spent years thinking that this situation would change, but it continuously became worse.

Finally, I decided to stand on my feet and do something for my children. But how I wondered? I knew how to sew clothes but did not own the equipment such as a sewing machine and threads to make it happen. I felt so frustrated and upset that I could not afford these things.

When I was in a time of need, a neighbor of mine told me about the work that Hopes and Dreams Inc were doing in the community. I went to an information meeting with other women and learnt about micro enterprise. I immediately wanted to join the group. The small loan from Hopes and Dreams Inc helped me to buy a sewing machine and threads; so that I could begin my own business. Now, with the help of Hopes and Dreams I am sewing clothes for many women in my village. I am making money so that I am able to provide for all of my children. Now my children are eating three times a day, putting on good clothes and living a better life.

My heart is filled with so much gratefulness towards Hopes and Dreams for transforming the lives of me and my family.

We now have hope for the future.

Thank you.