My Dreams Now a Reality

My Name is Satyavathi and I come from a small fishermen’s village.Satyavathi

My husband is a fisherman and we have two children. My family was going well until my husband had a paralysis stroke six months ago. As a result of this stroke his left hand and left leg stopped working. My husband was the only one earning money to provide for the family. As he became bed-ridden we began to experience a very tough time. Being a mother of small children, I soon became worried as I did not know how to feed, educate and provide for my children. I never wanted to see my children in a position where they did not feel their needs being met. I never wanted my children to grow up and live the way I did.  I wanted better for them.

During my time of struggle the Hopes and Dreams Inc team visited our village and told us about micro enterprise development. I saw this as a great opportunity to make a livelihood so that I could provide for my family. I immediately joined the group, receiving a loan to help me start my fire wood selling business. In the beginning, I doubted if I would be successful. But with the faith that Hopes and Dreams had in me and with the coaching provided in the centre meetings my small business is flourishing. I am now able to make more than enough money to meet the needs of my children. I am also able to provide the money to give my husband better treatment for his condition.

I am more than grateful to Hopes and Dreams for turning my dreams into a reality. I know that this program will be a blessing to many others as it was for my family and me. Thank you.