Encompass Report

Here is a report of our last project in Zambia which was made possible by the kind and generous donation of Encompass Church.
Project Highlights:
➢ Investment received from Encompass was $4,000 in March 2022
➢ The project commenced Feb 2022
➢ This project was implemented & commissioned in May 2022 in a rural community called “Lubwe”, providing an opportunity to 10,000 beneficiaries to access clean, safe water
➢ This piped water scheme (PWS) was an expansion rehabilitation project, there was 120 taps already in the system but only 50% of the taps were giving water, this project boosted the pump system and added an additional 80 taps
➢ The PWS covered approx 10 km of piping, taps were placed approx 200m apart
➢ Each tap serves approx 10 households, or 50-60 people
➢ This was the largest water project in this region of Zambia, the project had 4 boreholes, 8 x 10,000 Lt tanks on a 6M tank stand, powered by renewable solar panels, a handwashing station and a chlorination system. The total project cost was $90,000 of which Hopes and Dreams contributed $12,500 (of which Encompass contributed ~30%)
➢ Hopes and Dreams puts in a place a strategy so that the new water supply can be sustainable long term, and when we move onto another community to help them in the same way, this community can manage things on their own. The users contribute a nominal fee $1.50 per month to cover minor maintenance.

Equipment arriving

The digging begins

Trenches complete

Pipeworks infrastructure

Installation of piped water system

The Water Point Management Committee

Hand washing station with hygiene education signage

Opening Ceremony

Reserve tanks for night access

Pumping system powered by renewable solar panels

Chlorination system training

Handwashing stations

Hygiene practices

Clean water flows!

Community children usings the tap

Community women usings the taps

Your partnership is much valued. We can’t do what we do without your support in prayer and financial contribution. Together we can achieve more. This project has been our most successful project to date.

We are thrilled that after 10 years of committed work Hopes and Dreams is now finally seeing much fruit and the unfolding of the vision.

 Thank you Encompass